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Which Are the Best Cancer Treatment Centers in the US?

Which are the best cancer treatment centers in the United States? A comprehensive list published annually by U.S. News and World Report ranks the best hospitals for cancer treatment and physicians. Despite the large number of cancer treatment hospitals in the US, only 70 of them have received the prestigious Comprehensive Cancer Center designation from the National Institute of Health. These top facilities are equipped to handle cancer cases of all types and can provide patients with the best possible treatment.

In terms of research, the U.S. News and World Report ranks hospitals across the country using a broad set of criteria. A hospital’s reputation among board-certified doctors, nurse staffing levels, and cancer survival rates are all considered when determining a hospital’s ranking. With so many options, it is difficult to choose which cancer treatment center is best for you. The New York-Presbyterian hospital is a leading example of a top cancer center. It has been recognized as the nation’s best cancer hospital for 31 years and employs some of the best doctors in the nation.

The Mayo Clinic is another example of a top cancer treatment center. The Mayo Clinic has over 450 doctors and scientists working under a single roof, which makes it a truly collaborative environment. Mayo clinic has 11 major research programs and serves 20,000 new patients annually. The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center was founded in 1973 and was awarded the National Cancer Institute designation the same year. A comprehensive cancer treatment program and an innovative research program are just two of its many strengths.

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