What is CBD in hemp?

What is CBD? After we know the information about marijuana and hemp together enough. Many people have seen CBD and THC, the information you will often find through the eyes. That is the story of two critical active substances, which are:

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is classified as a Class I (World Health Organization) addictive substance. It is a psychotropic substance. It can affect mood, memory, and feeling, make you feel relaxed, euphoric, and appetite and reduce nausea.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is not classified as a drug. It is a non-psychoactive substance. It has the effect of suppressing pain, reducing inflammation, reducing spasms and reducing anxiety. Medically used to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. So, collect your necessary CBD products from a CBD shop.

With more than 1% THC in marijuana, cannabis is a legal drug. We know THC is used for medicinal purposes, but hemp contains 2% more CBD than cannabis contains less than 2%.

Is CBD found only in hemp?

CBD can be found in both hemp and hemp, but most CBD is found in hemp, and very little is found in hemp. Therefore, it is preferable to extract CBD in hemp than in cannabis. That is, whether, in hemp or cannabis, the extracted CBD has the same properties. Only different in quantity.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid substance. (Cannabinoids) with medical benefits. It is found in the Cannabis genus, such as Marijuana and Hemp, and extracted from the inflorescence. It is not an oil or extract from hemp seeds. And as above, CBD is not classified as a drug. It is a substance that does not affect the nervous system. (Non-psychoactive) does not cause intoxication. It has a mechanism of action to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation and control seizures. Without neurotoxicity, Anti-tumor effects and CBD do not cause resistance or addiction when used continuously. Therefore, it can be used in various applications as herbal products, medicines and food.

Food-related CBD

The Ministry of Public Health notification 429 (27 August 2064) states that food products containing CBD must not exceed 75 milligrams/kg (ppm) and THC not more than 0.15 milligrams/kg. There are four types of food which are

  1. Supplements, tablets, capsules and liquids
  2. Carbonated flavoured

beverages 3. Non-carbonated flavoured

beverages 4. Cereal and grain beverages

Most of the food products in Thailand that use CBD as an ingredient are just drinks and food supplements. But abroad, CBD is an ingredient in various foods, such as drinking water, healthy drinks, snacks, etc. All of these food available in online CBD shop.

Cosmetics-related CBD

In terms of beauty, CBD has many beneficial properties in terms of helping fight inflammation. It helps fight free radicals and restores and protects the skin from pollution and sunlight. It helps to increase collagen and restore the skin to be smooth. Stimulate cell renewal and create new skin, reduce redness and dark spots that look faded and add moisture to the skin. As a result, some brands of cosmetics that are selling well from abroad also contain CBD, but in Thailand, where there is a law that allows CBD to be mixed in all types of ready-to-use cosmetics, no more than 1.0%. CBD cosmetics is also found in online CBD shop.

It is prohibited to use oral products or products used in intimate areas. And raw materials used must contain THC contaminants, not more than 0.2%. In the case of ready-to-use cosmetics in oil or soft gelatin capsules, there must be THC contaminants not more than 0.001% (Notification of the Ministry of Public Health, 11 May 2021). Many cosmetic products contain CBD, such as creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and lip balms, as well as herbal products such as balms.

And all this is the knowledge of CBD in hemp that we may not have known before. Please clear your doubts and gain access to the features. What is the difference between the benefits of CBD and THC? How to use it: After reading the product label and finding that it contains CBD (in the specified amount), you can rest assured that it is not a drug, as many people understand. The substance can be used safely.

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