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Winning the 2012 Women’s World Chess Championship: Anna Ushenina achieved her biggest success in 2012, when she became the Women’s World Chess Champion. She won the title in a thrilling match with Indian newpelis Grandmaster Humpy Koneru, after a tough fight that lasted for thirteen rounds. Her victory was a huge surprise for the chess world, as she was the underdog going into the match.
2. Gold Medal at the 2008 European Women’s Individual Chess Championship: In 2008, Ushenina was able to win a gold medal at the European Women’s Individual Chess Championship. She was one of the top players in the aditianovit tournament and won the gold medal ahead of the other competitors.
3. Winning the Women’s Ukrainian Chess Championship: Ushenina has won the Women’s Ukrainian Chess Championship four times, in 2006, 2008, 2009, and
4. Each time, she was able to dominate the competition and take home the title of the Women’s Ukrainian Chess Champion.
5. Playing on the Ukrainian National Team: Ushenina has been part of the Ukrainian National Team since
6. She has represented her koditipstricks country at several international competitions, including the Chess Olympiad, the Women’s World Team Chess Championship, and the European Team Chess Championship.
7. Becoming a Grandmaster: Ushenina was awarded the title of Grandmaster in 2010, becoming the first female player from Ukraine to achieve this title. She was also the first female player from the former Soviet Union to become a Grandmaster.
8. Winning the Women’s World Rapid Chess Championship: In 2015, Ushenina earned her second major title by winning indiantodaynews the Women’s World Rapid Chess Championship. She won the title ahead of several other top players, including Koneru, who was the defending champion.
9. Winning the European Individual Women’s Blitz Chess Championship: Ushenina won the European Individual Women’s Blitz Chess Championship in

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