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The Maxdome app is available for free on and Android devices. If you are an existing subscriber and want to cancel your subscription, you can do so online. If you have trouble canceling your subscription, you can also call their customer care line. They are available from seven am to midnight. If you want to unsubscribe, you can also delete your account For more information, see their FAQs. You can also use this app to watch movies.

The digital experience of maxdome is designed to be user-friendly and cross-platform. It is compatible with responsive web, iOS, and Android devices. The service will also support smart TV. The user experience will be tailored to make content discovery easy mywikinews and will change the way you view a catalogue. The content is enhanced by curators to create a unique experience. It is currently difficult to log in with your maxdome account. However, you can continue to access the maxdome website by logging in with your existing login

Another way to differentiate Maxdome from its competitors is by becoming more deeply integrated into the Pay TV platform. The company is pioneering this model with a German cable operator, Unitymedia. After announcing this deal, the company is already working on the next steps for the Maxdome app. If you’re an existing Maxdome customer, you can still log in and watch the content you’ve purchased. It is possible to download content from other sources on Maxdome, too

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