Injured at work in Rutland: The need for an attorney

A work-related injury in Rutland can pause your life for a while. You may have to deal with unprecedented losses, including the cost of medical care. If you have been diagnosed with an occupational disease, the consequences could be even more severe. A very common thing that injured workers wonder about is whether they should hire an attorney. Hiring a skilled Rutland VT workers compensation lawyer can help your case in more ways than one. 

Getting started

Following an injury or diagnosis of an occupational disease, it can be hard to determine what to do next. If you think you don’t understand how the workers’ compensation system works in Vermont, you are not alone. Your attorney is in charge of explaining what you can expect from the claim and will help fight the insurance company when they deny it. Insurance companies do their bit to terminate benefits early or deny claims and having a workers’ comp lawyer ensures that the same doesn’t happen. 

Each claim is unique

Is it necessary to hire an attorney for all workers’ compensation claims? Probably not. Some cases are inherently complex, and there are claims that drag on forever. You may not understand their tactics and ways if you have never worked with an insurance adjuster before. Keep in mind that insurance adjusters are paid by insurance companies, and even though your employer pays for workers’ compensation insurance, the benefits come from the insurance company. If you don’t understand the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to, you cannot expect the insurance company to explain the details. 

You should definitely lawyer up if your claim has been denied or when your checks have been stopped. The insurance company may cite your preexisting condition as a reason to deny your claim or may just say that you failed to report the accident to your employer in time. In such cases, they will file the Form 2 denial with the Department of Labor. Your lawyer will take part in the proceedings and represent your side. 

How much do lawyers charge?

Typically, all workers’ comp lawyers charge a part of the settlement that the insurance company pays you. If yours is a minor claim with no complications, some lawyers may ask for a flat fee. At the end of the day, hiring an attorney is always better than dealing with the circumstances alone. 

Call a lawyer today to discuss your claim and the expected settlement. 

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