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How Many People Pass the Real Estate Exam First Time?

If you’re wondering “How many people pass the real estate exam first time?”, you’re not alone. Almost every state requires that you pass the real estate exam at least once to become a licensed real estate agent. The process of obtaining your license is stressful enough. However, the process doesn’t have to be. The most important thing to remember is to pace yourself. Doing so will ensure that you finish within the allotted time. Avoid making it a race to get to the testing center first.

Aside from preparation, attitude is another major factor in success. Don’t get discouraged by the statistics. Try to maintain a positive mindset and realize that you can always take the real estate exam again. After all, there’s always another course to take at a real estate school. After all, you’ve invested 40 hours in the preparation and study! This way, you won’t be weighed down by a failure or a low pass rate.

Studying with a friend is another great way to catch up on the information you might have missed on the exam. Studying with a friend will also keep you on track, since you can discuss the zoning, land descriptions, agency relationships, and real estate math with each other. There’s no reason why you can’t study with a friend or co-worker. After all, it’s easier to pass with someone than by yourself.

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