How Many PC Games Are Present in the World?

How many PC games are present in the world, you may ask? The answer varies greatly, but the general rule is that there are approximately two billion PC games in existence. Of course, this number is not inclusive of mobile and console games. Steam, the world’s largest online gaming platform, does not count the old-school systems. That means that there are two different counts for PC games and console games.

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PC gaming has come a long way since the original version. The number of games has risen and fallen over the past few years, not only in technology, but in the makeup of IGN’s staff. IGN’s list of the most popular PC games today differs from those from previous years. Here are the top titles in each genre, in no particular order. You’ll probably want to spend a couple of hours playing one of these bitsandboxes.

In terms of variety, PC gaming is undoubtedly more diverse than console gaming. You’ll find free-to-play MOBAs, countless battle royale shooters, and even obscure indies and Triple-A games. Moreover, PC gaming doesn’t require a monthly fee. However, PC gamers will enjoy the simplicity of using a wireless controller. Moreover, PC gamers may even be surprised by the vast selection of PC games on Steam, where over 80 percent of the world’s games are lifeline hospital.

Retro games were popular among gamers during the 1990s. They were copies of popular commercial successes from the time. Pong, Mario, and Space Invaders are some of the most famous games from the past. There are even ROM sites that catalog all the hacks made for the original games. The database also includes regional releases for consoles. It is worth noting that some console games had different graphical fidelity.

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