Gold Ornaments Designs: 6 Different Types of Indian Jewellery Designs

If you ever want to gift a woman anything, the best thing you can give is the ornaments. Every single woman in India is fond of wearing various types of jewelry and if it is made of gold then you might have won her heart. Gold ornament designs are famous around the world but you will find variety in Indian culture only.

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India is famous for its traditional values and rich culture. Every state here follows its tradition and the same is reflected in the jewellery they wear. In this article, we will let you know about the 30 different types of Indian jewelry designs that are loved by every woman.

1. Bridal Jewellery

In India, various cultural differences are seen in the traditional gold jewellery as well and bridal jewellery is mostly the ones that are given by the parents to her following traditional values. These traditional gold jewellery designs add more beauty to the cheerful celebration of the beginning of her new life.

2. Gold Jewellery

The love for gold by the Indians is never hidden from anyone. The yellow metal is considered a symbol of purity and prosperity and this is the reason you will find some amount of gold in every Indian house. People give gold jewelry as a gift to their dear ones as it is considered very auspicious. Many people invest in metal as it is the most guaranteed investment in India.

3. Antique Jewellery

As the name says it is a combination of old charm and unique designs the age of more than 100 years. These designs are often embellished with peals, and precious and semi-precious stones which help in giving them a classic appearance. Antique jewellery is most expensive but when worn with perfect attire, it gives a royal look to the person wearing it.

4. Handmade Jewellery

The jewelry in which fewer machines and more hands are used to prepare a perfect piece is called handmade jewelry. The laborers use their skills and hard work to prepare one piece of jewelry which is more durable when compared with the machine designs. All the jewelry types including necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, etc. can be made with hands and look very beautiful when worn by anyone whether a lady, gents, or kids.

5. Kundan Jewellery

It is the most famous Rajasthani jewellery design which gives a heavy look when worn with a Rajasthani outfit or any other. It symbolizes royalty and is made with the stone coated on one side of jewelry and meenakari work on the other side.

6. Diamond Jewellery

Just like Gold, diamond is also considered as the most loved metal in India. People love to wear various types of ornaments made with silver as it is believed that this metal increases energy level in the person who wears it and balances their mood. The metal also helps in maintaining the equilibrium of the body temperature and looks amazingly beautiful when worn with appropriate attire.

These are few different types of ornament designs that are loved in India. Along with these, people love to wear jewellery made of platinum, gemstone, polki, meenakari, lac, and many more.

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