Botox reduces wrinkles. Is it safe?

One thing you can’t avoid is. “Facial wrinkles” that tend to occur as you get older. Mark traces, also known as Sai Smile. The scars between the eyebrows that were accidentally frowned upon without realizing it. These wrinkles will indicate your aging. Some people are not very old, but because they like to move their faces or like to make frequent facial expressions, they tend to develop premature wrinkles as well.

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For many people who have to work to meet customers. Or a job where personality and confidence are important. And sometimes just using makeup to hide wrinkles may not help as much as it should. Therefore, paying attention to beauty is something that cannot be overlooked. Because if you have confidence, it will result in you working more efficiently. And the fastest way to reduce wrinkles would be inevitable “Botox or Botox” sure enough. Botox is one of the helpers that will allow you to see results immediately without having to wait as long. longer to apply the cream

What is Botox?

Botox is a facial muscle relaxant injection. To temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, such as crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s not a permanent solution. Usually it takes about 6 months. Botox or Botox, full name “Botulinum Toxin (Botulinum Toxin)” is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum C. This type of botulinum can Found in plants, soil, water and in the animal intestines. It is responsible for blocking the release. “Acetylcholine (acetylcholine)” which is the nervous system that is important for the movement of the muscles of the body. When we inject Botox To the face where acetylcholine is destroyed, resulting in the muscles there. been paralyzed for several months

Therefore, Botox is a toxin that affects the nervous system. But don’t be afraid to go! Because if we use it to reduce wrinkles It is used in very small quantities, and in fact, although we call Botox a toxin, it is still a drug that can be used to treat some diseases in the medical community. But when it was discovered that it had an effect on muscle paralysis, Thus causing the use of Botox for reducing wrinkles or floating wrinkles that occur naturally, sure enough.

Is Botox safe?

It might sound strange because from what I’ve read in the above section. We are talking about injections with toxic properties. But to bring it to spray on the face? That being said, researchers consider Botox to be relatively safe. When in small quantities and under the supervision of a specialist

What should be done before Botox injections?

1. How to choose the right clinic

Botox is currently the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. and almost every beauty clinic That means there are many clinics for you to choose from. In which you must choose a clinic that looks standard and reliable. You can check social media on various pages and websites of the Medical Council. to see how much their work matches what they claim. When you choose the clinic that you think is right. Make an appointment to consult with your doctor first to see if you actually get the injection. Most of these procedures are free. So that you can assess the ability and reliability of the doctor and the drug yourself. Talking directly to your doctor will involve discussing your budget, discussing where to inject it, whether you’re allergic to it, and choosing the brand of Botox that’s right for you. and the length of time that the actual results from the doctor’s diagnosis which you will get this information in its entirety You may then go and find out more. To reduce anxiety and increase confidence before injecting

Summary of the procedure for choosing a clinic

– Learn about basic Botox So that when consulting with a doctor, you will be able to understand more easily.

– Consider various information from the selected clinic by checking the opinions of other customers online. and check the list of doctors from the Medical Council’s database for confidence

– See a doctor one-on-one for a consultation and assess whether you are satisfied with the selected doctor and clinic

2. Plan a Botox injection with your doctor of choice.

Once you’ve chosen a doctor or clinic, the next step is to come up with a plan before getting Botox injections. because each person’s face is not the same. Injecting any substance in order to modify it differently, it must always be planned in advance. This means that your botox injections may need to be set at the injection site or choose a different type of botox from the others. Because some people may need Botox injections every 6 months for continued treatment. Or some people may want to have Botox injections every 8-12 months for different treatments. It also depends on your needs and your doctor’s diagnosis.

Once you have a clear goal Your doctor will begin to analyze your age. and look deep into the wrinkles on your face. The doctor will look at all the dynamic muscle movements. To find the best location and type of Botox to get rid of wrinkles and to know how much to inject. Because sometimes you may not need to inject the entire bottle. Or if you have too many wrinkles, you may need to compress more than 1 bottle.

For example, the evaluation of wrinkles from the forehead line. Your doctor will ask you to raise your eyebrows to see how deep the groove is. Is it necessary to inject? or looking at wrinkles, crow’s feet Your doctor will tell you to smile or close your eyes, for example. For those who want to reduce their jaw to make their face look slimmer. The PT will ask you to grit your teeth to see the difference compared to when you don’t clench your teeth.

Summary of planning steps for Botox injections

– What is your goal setting? And can it be fixed with Botox?

– The doctor assesses the defects. consider your age and discuss additional treatments if needed. Discuss lifestyle factors or effects.

– Consider your budget before getting an injection.

3. Age appropriate for Botox injections

In our 30s, our skin cell turnover and collagen production begin to slow down. This is when many of us begin to see signs of aging. But for some people, it may be injected with Botox before the age of number 3 because as I said. There are many factors that cause wrinkles that are not just numbers. Some people may take collagen supplements and take care of their faces with facial creams or hydrating serums. Which is an early preparation from the age of 25, so they may not have the ability to inject Botox to get rid of wrinkles. Assessing yourself before coming to a doctor’s consultation is an option that can help you know that Should you get Botox injections?

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